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2. In Celebration of Brenda Boldt

Tami Lehrman / Art of Life Cancer Foundation

The Art of Life spoke to Brenda's heart in a way that no one could've imagined. Expressing her journey with Breast Cancer on canvas brought about healing in the deepest parts of her heart and soul.
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About 2. In Celebration of Brenda Boldt

All donations made in honor of Brenda will be dedicated towards a bench seat in her honor at the Art of Life Healing Garden in Woodward Park.

Brenda painted the art piece above through the Art of Life Cancer Foundation's "Paint it Forward" program.  Her piece is entitled "Cancer's Gift."

Cancer's Gift: Our calling and sense of purpose is to live life and faith out loud
Our mountains signify the seemingly insurmountable obstacle that has been this cancer journey which marks a permanent landscape in our lives.  The dawn sky, with drops of rain signifies the healing that comes with each new day.  With courage found in our faith, our families and our friends; we go forward now, blooming with renewed life.  

Our blossoms represent several things.  Through our treatment, encouragement and strength was found in things like: Psalm 121 - our source of strength; worship music such as "Great is Thy Faithfulness" - our calm in the storm; and personal study, as in John 12:24 - a reminder that the seed of the future is present in the fruit of our lives today.  Each of our individual pieces also contains an open flower, which connects us to each other, as well as to those who have come before us.  The end piece holds a special open flower, carrying with it our thoughts and prayers for those who will come after, until we find a cure. 

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