We each have so much to be grateful for in life; everything from basic necessities to health, family and good fortune. The act of giving is not merely the ability to write a check, to give of our time and our talent is a remarkable and self rewarding gift! I'm grateful for the meaning of the Art of Life Healing Garden and what it has meant for people that I love. Our fundraising mission is to invoke Time, Treasure and Talent of those that have so much within their hearts to give. We truly have an opportunity to teach the gift of Time, Talent and Treasure together. ❤️
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    Once upon a time one of my life's mentors taught me that I have a choice each and every single day.... I choose to feel blessed, I choose to feel grateful, I choose to be thankful and I choose to be happy - no matter what the cards ... I choose. She also taught me, by example, to help others when and how I can. I am every so grateful for the relationship I will always have within my heart with her. I am eternally grateful for her, inspired by her and grateful for her. She has been fighting, successfully, cancer for many years....she is the strongest woman I have ever known. Thank you Marsha (VALENTE) Hill. I love you!

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